Owners Info


As you are aware, each owner has the choice to either sign or not sign a Rental Management Agreement (RMA). This agreement is strictly between the individual residential-unit owner and Vail Resorts Rental Management. By signing an RMA, the owner has agreed that Vail Resorts Rental Management is the "exclusive" rental-agent; hence the owner would lose all rights and benefits by using a third-party agency. 


Renting Your Unit
Fee Structure and Disbursement of Rental Income:
To compensate Manager for Rental Services, owner will pay Manager 45% of the Adjusted Gross Unit Revenue. "Adjusted Gross Unit Revenue" means adjusted gross rental fees collected and generated from the unit at the rental rates established by Manager, less rental expenses.

4% Fund:
Owners who are in our rental management program participate in the 4% fund. The intent of this fund is to pay for many of the common and often replaced unit items, and some of the minor and routine maintenance labor.

Four percent (4%) of the room rental for every reservation will be deducted (prior to the Owner/Rental Agent split). This fund is intended to cover the cost to replace or repair items less than $50, as an example, not limited to: interior light bulbs, kitchen glassware, silverware, stoneware, flatware, coffee carafes, toasters, pots & pans, universal TV remote controls, shower curtain liners, kitchen and bathroom cleaning tools, blankets, pillows, mattress pads and hangers as the Rental Agent deems necessary.

4% Fund is also intended to cover: the repair and/or replacement of: remote control batteries, plus small and minor items, less than $50.

ex-3ai-grand-summit-rental-management-agreement_001.pdf   Rental Management Agreement

rental-guest-policy.pdf   Rental Guest Policy