Owners Info


One of the ways for you to enjoy Mount Snow when it is not your owner week is the Space Available Program ("Space A"). This wonderful program provides you the opportunity to stay at the Grand Summit during quarter weeks other than the quarter you own.

In order to protect the owner's interests to earn revenue, we limit these stays to time periods where we are less than 90% occupied. Space Available reservations will be made at the discretion of the property managers based on current or expected occupancy. If all requirements are met when you request Space A, you will be placed in a unit comparable or smaller to the one you have purchased.

We also limit the reservations to a 3-day length of stay in one room. Any request made for longer than 3 days will require a room move after the third day. We limit space available stays to 6 days maximum per reservation.

If your unit, during your week, is booked by a guest or by an RCI stay, we are not able to book a space available stay for you in another unit. In this situation, you gave up your week to the rental pool or to the RCI trade program and are receiving compensation for this stay.

The benefit of "Space A" usage is limited to owners and their immediate family members. This program is for use by you as an owner or your immediate family defined as children or parents. Space Available reservations must be made no more than 72 hours in advance of your anticipated arrival through the Mount Snow Owners email: MSOwnerservices@vailresorts.com

Please note: check-in time is 4 pm for all reservations. Check-out time is 1 pm. If you would like a late check out, please call the front desk the day of check out to verify availability.