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REMINDER: Calendars are now digital only dates must be selected in the Owner Portal or by emailing MSOwnerservices@vailresorts.com.


The Owner Portal is where you will block off dates for owner use, and dates you do not want in the rental pool. You can block off dates up to a year in advance and we suggest you book as far ahead of time as possible. Once you log in go to the reservations heading and select 'View Availability Calendar' orĀ  click on the calendar icon on the left side (if you do not see these please email MSOwnerservices@vailresorts.com

When blocking off dates on your rental calendar, please ensure your entire suited unit is selected. When selecting dates, you will first select your date of check-in (ex. January 18th) and then you will need to select the date you would like to check out (example January 21st). Even if your date of check-out does not show available, you will still need to select that date for check-out. You will show as checking out on which ever date you select. Select search to complete reservation.

Click below to access your specific calendar dates through 2023.

interval-1-owner-calendar-2022-2025.pdf   Interval 1 Owner - Calendar 2022-2025

interval-2-owner-calendar-2022-2025.pdf   Interval 2 Owner - Calendar 2022-2025

interval-3-owner-calendar-2022-2025.pdf   Interval 3 Owner - Calendar 2022-2025

interval-4-owner-calendar-2022-2025.pdf   Interval 4 Owner - Calendar 2022-2025