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The Owner Portal is where you find your statements and where you can make a payment. If you would like to schedule time with a property manager for a guided walk through the owner portal or property, please email MSOwnerservices@vailresorts.com.

First Time logging in:
Please note even if you have never logged onto the portal you will still need to follow the reset password instructions.

  • We recommend you add ownerportal@vailresorts.com to your email contacts
  • Once you have added this new contact, follow the Password Reset instructions:
  • Go to https://vailresortshomeowners.com/#/forgotPassword
  • Click the 'Reset your Password' link
  • Enter your email address that we have on file
  • Click 'Reset Password'
  • Wait for an email from ownerportal@vailresorts.com to arrive and follow the link from there.

The Owner Portal is where you find your statements and where you can make a payment. You can also sign up for ACH (automatic payments) from your owner portal.

The Property Management (PM) and Home Owners Association (HOA) statements will show in the owner portal by the second week of the following month. It is up to you to keep up with these payments.
If you own a suited (lock out unit), be aware you will need to ensure the unit (room number with an S following) is selected in the upper right-hand corner for accurate calendar and financial information.

When you arrive at the home screen on the owner portal you should be able to see this section (if you do not, please let us know).
The Property Management Statements will allow you to see any revenue you will be receiving from rentals, along with any stays (including owner stays), and other fees.

The Property Management Balances is where you can make payments online via the pay balance button, pay the amount owed via the statement and not what is shown on the PM Balances screen.

HOA Statements is where you will find dues, taxes, interest, and general payments that are due. If you are not mailing in a payment or signed up for ACH, you will pay these balances on the HOA Balances screen, pay the amount owed via the statement and not what is show on the HOA Balances Screen (appears the same as above).

You can also reserve your unit - click here to learn how! 

When mailing in a payment make payable to:
PO Box 105007
Atlanta, Georgia 30348
United States

Please make note of your account number in the memo portion of your personal check. Your account number can be found at the very bottom of your monthly statement. This will ensure the check is applied to the correct account and can easily be referenced for future inquiries.