Owners Info


When are rental checks sent out?
The rental income is deposited during the first week of every month for the previous month's rentals. You may go on the owner portal to view your rental statements under Property Management (PM) Statements.

Are pets allowed at the hotel?
Pets are not permitted in quartered owned units. However, we are required to allow service animals. See the association's rules and regulations for further information.

What is RCI?
RCI stands for Resorts Condominium International. They are a separate company that allows you to trade weeks with owners of other resorts around the world. You will need to make an account with them through RCI.com if you wish to use their service. Once you have the account setup you can deposit the weeks you wish through their site. You must let Owner Services know which weeks you deposit to avoid double books.

Who do I talk to about lockers?
All locker inquiries should be directed to owner services at MSOwnerservices@vailresorts.com.

Who do I contact for billing?
If you have any questions about your statements, or payments that you have made against your statements, please contact MSOwnerservies@vailresorts.com Please be aware it may take up to 48 hours for owner services to get back to you.

Can I get my statements mailed to me?
Vail Resorts is proud to have an epic promise for a zero footprint by 2030. As such, we are paperless and do not have an option for statements to be mailed out. You can find monthly statements on the owner portal. 

Interested in joining the Rental Management Program?
If you are interested in joining our Rental Management Program, please email MSOwnerservies@vailresorts.com. Our property manager will contact you with further information and a rental management agreement to be looked over and signed by all parties.

When can I cancel an owner stay?
As an owner, you do not have cancellation fees when booking during your owner week. We ask that you let us know any change in your plans as soon as possible. This is so we can potentially provide you with rental revenue, if you are part of our rental management program.

What if I want to stay more than 3 days using the Space Available Program?
Three nights in a unit and six nights per reservation are the maximums established (meaning that a room change would be mandated on stays longer than three nights). Cost to the owner is equal to the housekeeping charges for the units reserved.