Owners Info


Parking for all Stays:

Parking spaces are limited in upper lot near the Grand Summit Resort & Hotel; most times there is a need to valet vehicles away from the hotel. During the busy periods of the year (especially ski-season) there is constantly an overflow-demand for parking. The Grand Summit Resort & Hotel Staff & Association Board wants to assure effective customer parking, especially for its owners.

Parking on "preferred upper lot" (~40 spaces) ... availability categories:

1) "Wide-Open", meaning upper lot not expected to be filled that day (~ 1/3 of the days in a year).
Vehicles are essentially allowed to come-and-go; although security & cameras are present.
Depending on time of day, Valet service may be available; however, Front Desk is staffed 24/7.

2) "Limited", meaning lot will likely be filled throughout the day (~ 2/3 of days/year); see "GATE" below.
"Overflow Demand", probably upper lot always filled throughout that 24-hour day (see below).
"Limited" Parking area, on those days when deemed by management:

Any vehicle can drive-up/see that the upper lot has a "GATE" (no entry), unless issued a hang-tag (see below).

1) Upper Parking Lot Access: for owners and guests who are currently booked overnight. During check-in, at front desk, a hangtag will be provided to open the upper parking lot gate. Space is on a first come, first serve basis. If no space is available valet service is provided (free to a GSRH owner vehicle).

  • On a day the Guard-shack is operational, then only guests checking-in "on an owner-use day" would get a hangtag (i.e., rental guests or RCI/Interval exchange guests would not get a hangtag).
  • Hangtag: rearview mirror-type tag with barcode for scanning/opening gate for entry.

2) Upper "Valet" Parking at hotel (~ 12 spaces): access requires checking-in/registering with the valet attendant and providing ignition key/fob. After 15 minutes, vehicle could be moved to lower valet lot.

3) Lower Valet Lot: located at bottom of hill, for valet use-only and managed by valet staff. Valet parking is provided for those staying overnight at the GSH when no space is available in upper lot.

4) Visiting hotel but not registered/not staying overnight: will be required to valet their vehicle.

"Overflow Demand" parking days with Guard Shack staffed at bottom of hill:
Specifically, to control flow of traffic & monitor safety protocols of vehicles going up to the hotel. 
About 25% of the "Limited" parking days, the Guard-shack operation would likely also be necessary.
Guard Shack could be staffed for ski-weekends, holidays, major events or certain group business.
Any vehicle must first get Guard-authorization to proceed up to the "Limited Parking" with "GATE".
Any "GSH owner" would be granted approval for proceeding up to the "Limited" Parking area.

  • By early 2022, GSRH may have a "windshield sticker" for owner's car to speed access approval.
  • Such a sticker would be provided to an owner at time of recording license plate information.

"GSRH non-owners" if are not visiting or not booked for overnight stay, would then be directed to turnaround & leave. However, if visiting (e.g. eating at Harriman's) then must Valet the vehicle.

Towing Policy:
In order to protect and serve everyone's interests, the GSH parking policy and related procedures will be enforced by management, including if necessary, towing violator vehicles.

Local Owners not staying at the Hotel
If you are not lodging at the hotel and are enjoying your ownership on a day visit to go skiing, use of the health club, restaurant, etc. please stop by the front desk to get access keys. This owner key will access the owner lounge, owner library, owner locker rooms along with the pool and fitness center. All owners not staying overnight at the hotel will be required to valet their cars.